Quality and Medications is a staff function in Corporate Quality. We work with tasks and issues regarding quality improvement in primary care but also in the intersection between primary care, the municipalities, and the secondary health care.

Within primary care the main focus is general practice, but other health professionals e.g. physiotherapists and chiropractors are also included in quality improvement.

The development and implementation of quality is reinforced by the administrative staff, professional consultants, and a group of part-time practitioners, who continuously optimise quality from a clinical and organisational perspective using systematic and every-day perspectives.

Among the main tasks are:

  • Rational pharmacotherapy through data and academic detailing.
  • Polypharmacy and support in medication reviews.
  • Developing primary care from a clinical point of view.
  • Rational diagnostic procedures.
  • Organisational development in clinical practice.
  • Combining science and quality improvement.
  • Implementation of clinical guidelines.
  • Patient safety.