Quality Improvement is a division in DEFACTUM. We use a variety of methods for the production of new knowledge and documentation of the effects of professional interventions.

The purpose is to support development processes, deployment and retention of new practices and to challenge existing practices. We work on the basis of research-based knowledge and have a continuous focus on method development. Our work is always executed in close cooperation with practice. Our theoretical knowledge, methodological knowledge, and involvement of practice ensure that the local work with quality within and across sectors is supported and that we create new research-based knowledge.

Among the main tasks are:

  • The national quality agenda, i.e. improvement work, learning and quality teams, tasks relating to the implementation of the national targets, etc.
  • Citizen and patient involvement
  • Improvement work in relation to health and social care
  • Safety issues
  • Method development
  • Quality models in health and social care