The Health Services Research unit has unique insights in the field of health services. Health services combine policy, business, and science in managing the human and financial resources needed to deliver effective public health services.

Our main activities consist of:

  • Organisation of health care (e.g. intersectorial and interdisciplinary collaboration).
  • Health technology use (e.g. diagnosis and treatment).
  • Involvement of patient perspectives and clinical communication.
  • Improvement in health care.

Our multi-disciplinary and practice-oriented research projects are all aimed at improving health services and encouraging new initiatives and changes in health care services. We support decision makers by providing solid, evidence-based knowledge. To meet our research objectives, we employ both quantitative and qualitative methods such as:

  • Surveys and registry-based research.
  • Ethnographic fieldwork, qualitative interviews and case studies.
  • Systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis (using GRADE and CERQual).