The Intervention Research unit develops interventions based on identified health issues arising from regional or national data from "How are You?". Our way of transferring results from various data into practice is to establish interventions related to selected problems concerning health and well-being.

Our main activities consist of:

  • Developing complex intervention programmes to minimise inequality in health.
  • Evaluating aspects of implementation processes, organisation and effects. 

We focus on areas such as mental well-being and prevention of multimorbidity. Furthermore, we establish new ways of helping citizens with multimorbidity to guide them in a healthcare system focused on mono-diagnostics. This involves using innovation processes and research in citizen involvement, organisational structures and cross-sectional cooperation to benefit users, employees and organisations.

We work interdisciplinarily and follow procedures using:

  • Planning and innovation tools.
  • Mixed research methods employing both qualitative and quantitative methods.