The Vocational Rehabilitation unit has a strong focus on delivering evidence based solutions for working-age individuals with health-related issues to be included in the labour force, return to work, and remain working.

Our main activities consist of:

  • Observational studies addressing individual and contextual factors that increase the risk for health related work impairment constituting a barrier for returning to work.
  • Studies addressing individual and contextual factors that promote return to work.
  • Intervention studies focusing on activities that aid work impaired individuals to return to work and and stay in work.
  • Systematic literature reviews.  

Unit employees are engaged in pre- and post-graduate teaching at Aarhus University, primarily within the field of public health. The unit is engaged in continuous development of methods focusing on:

  • Questionnaire based tools of relevance for return to work
  • Development of statistical methods for assessing work life participation using data from multiple administrative registries.