The Health Economics unit is involved with issues related to efficiency, effectiveness, value and behaviour in the production and consumption of health services. The focus of our unit is health economic analysis of interventions in health care and the research is directed at providing input for planning and policy-making in the Danish Healthcare System.

Our activities include economic evaluation of clinical trials, interventions or natural experiments often using multiple national registries. We apply a broad spectrum of statistical evaluation methods and several analytical approaches including:

  • Difference-in-difference design
  • Duration analysis
  • Multiple hierarchical analysis
  • Discrete choice method
  • Propensity score matching  

Our research projects are founded in cooperation with external partners, e.g. clinical experts, patient organisations, foundations, and administrative staff within health care as well as universities and other researchers, both nationally and internationally. In addition to our research projects, an important part of our activities is:

  • Pre- and post-graduate teaching at Aarhus University
  • Supervision of research projects